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  • Nazgole Hashemi

California Start-Ups: Our Dedication to Entrepreneurism

Starting your own business is exciting, but financial concerns and legal hurdles are also a perplexing reality. This feeling is shared amongst entrepreneurs and start-up business owners with nominal means, but a solid business idea and go-getter attitude. While it is important to choose a good attorney, it is not necessary to hire a large firm with high hourly fees. As a smaller firm, LegalAxxis charges less legal fees and has more availability to address your specific questions and needs. Our firm provides the expertise of a large firm with the low-rates and attentiveness of a small firm. We aim to encourage entrepreneurs by providing business formation, counseling, and contract services for an affordable fee. Our goal is to create legal access and protection for your business without compromising a large portion of your resources. LegalAxxis is dedicated to supporting our generation of entrepreneurs and creating satisfied clients who feel comfortable contacting the firm when business inquiries and concerns arise. We are here to watch your business thrive. Please contact the firm for a consultation.




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