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  • Nazgole Hashemi

California Contract Law: Avoiding Costly Mistakes for Start-Up Businesses

It concerns me greatly when I see non-attorney entrepreneurs creating their own contracts in an effort to save money. For instance, I’ve had start-up business owners approach me with contracts that include non-compete provisions. Of course, these businesspeople attempted to create their own enforceable contracts. Had they hired an attorney, they would have been advised that non-compete agreements are not valid in California, though there a few limited exceptions and other ways to gain protection under both California and Federal laws. Reliance on the invalid non-compete provision could result in a costly mistake for the business in the future. It could also divert the business’s attention from later needs that may arise. To avoid what could be expensive mistakes for the company, it is important for start-up business owners to expend resources on legal fees in the early stages. In an effort to encourage business owners to seek legal help, LegalAxxis provides contract formation, review, and editing services for an affordable fee. Please contact the firm for a consultation.




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