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  • Nazgole Hashemi

California Business Formation: A Generation of Risk Takers

I speak with junior entrepreneurs and start-up business owners everyday. Even on weekends when I’m not in a work setting, there’s always talk of a new business venture or avenue for expansion. As Californians, we live in a generation where starting your own business is the way of life. Home to Hollywood stars, big corporate CEOs, and some of the richest areas in the country, no longer do Californians hide behind the comfort of secure income and mundane jobs. We are a generation of risk takers and the ideas are endless. Think of the show “Shark Tank.” Of course, the attorney in me loves the business negotiations and savvy sharks. But what intrigues me most about the show is the rich variety of ideas coupled with the financial gambles. To me, the show stands for the concept that money brings more money.

So how’s a start-up business owner with little money supposed to move forward? What’s the best way to play your cards? In starting my own business, I have found that the most effective strategy is to surround oneself with a support team. A team that is compassionate about your success. A team that does not gain at your expense. At LegalAxxis, you will find such a team of attorneys. We aim to encourage junior entrepreneurs by providing business formation, counseling, and contract services for an affordable fee. Our goal is to create legal access and protection for your business without compromising a large portion of your resources. We are here to watch your business thrive. Please contact us for a consultation.



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